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DOP Transport

The company received its certificate of incorporation in October of 2006 and was established with the main aim of providing transport and logistical services in a supporting capacity for other auxiliary companies under the Palmers Green Int. umbrella. Besides the provision of transport and logistical support and services, the company also maintains a large array of construction equipment’s such as bull dozers, graders, rollers, wheel loaders, concrete mixers, dumpers, pickups, S.U.Vs, and other vehicular machines.


Our Services

Hauladge Services   Site Preparation   Repair & Maintenance
DOP Undertake haulage services for its sister companies namely : Geodomi Concreate Products, PEECL etc. see more
We also undertake land and site preparation works for our sister companies. These include Cutting, filling works and Levelling works. see more DOP Transport has a number of technicians and mechanics who undertake repair and maintenance works on equipments on our fleets.  see more
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